10 best family holiday destinations in asia

In today’s busy world, family holidays have never been more important. Taking the time to relax and connect as a family is crucial, especially when interruptions such as work and school prevent many from spending quality time with each other in your best family holiday destinations in Asia 

You want to look back on your life and dwell upon wonderful family memories, not a rushed life full of stress. This article will talk about the best family holiday destinations in Asia, as this magnificent continent is renown for its stunning beauty and uplifting atmospheres.

So, why should you choose Asia as your next holiday destination? Asia is a place of adventure and excitement; history and culture.

Whether you are casually strolling across a gorgeous beach or travelling on a bullet train, Asia has a magically breathtaking beauty wherever you go.

Keep on reading to hear about the top ten best family holiday destinations in Asia, and why they are suitable for parents and children alike:


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10. Indonesia

Pristine beaches, tropical forests and amazing wildlife, a family holiday to Indonesia is a brilliant option for any family. Being a very cheap holiday destination, this country is guaranteed to be enjoyable for all different ages.

This country contains wildlife sanctuaries, theatres, beaches, tours, waterparks and an array of various beaches, all perfect options for an action-packed holiday for the entire family. 

9. China

Visit China for its amazing history, but stay for the spectacular culture and food this country provides. The whole family will love walking parts of the Great Wall China and visiting the terracotta warriors, which are both extremely famous tourist attractions.

If you are after a family holiday that is budget-friendly and will have you walking away feeling a lot more educated, China might just be the next holiday destination best suited for you and your family.


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8. Malaysia

With a tropical climate and modern architecture that will leave you in awe, Malaysia is one of the best family holiday destinations in Asia. Hello Kitty Town and Legoland Malaysia Theme Park and Resort are great favourites amongst kids, but parents alike always walk away with memories to last a lifetime.

It is also a budget-friendly destination, full of activities and experiences guaranteed to keep you busy for the duration of your stay.


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7. Singapore

Singapore is a great holiday destination because of its cultural diversity, taste bud tingling foods, and sensational landscapes. Although many complain about Singapore being rather costly, many more people regard it as one of the best family holiday destinations available in the world.

The Singapore Zoo is a crowd favourite amongst families, and Orchard Road should not be missed for the shopaholics looking to take home some new clothes or souvenirs. Visit Singapore as a family for a holiday that you will never be able to forget.


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6. Japan

The rich and alive culture of Japan is an experience you and your family will not want to miss. Experience the country’s ancient history by visiting castles, shrines. temples and other important destinations for an unforgettable family holiday, which will leave your head swimming with interesting facts.

But it doesn’t stop here! Japan’s modern architecture, bullet trains, landscapes, and delicious cuisine are what makes people keep returning to this popular holiday destination, and the whole family will love Disney Land and Universal Studios. 

hong kong travel with family

5. Hong Kong

After a holiday full of adventure and opportunity to explore nature? Hong Kong might just be the perfect holiday destination for you and your family. Enchanting islands and countless hiking tracks, Hong Kong is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life.

Experience a range of captivating foods whilst strolling through the luxury malls, this destination will leave you floating on cloud nine. Make this holiday an opportunity to unwind, but do not be afraid to take it to the next level and see how much you can cram into your stay.


South Korea travel with family

4. South Korea

South Korea is a wonderful destination for your next family holiday, as it has a rich culture, gripping history, and a family-friendly party vibe. With year-round festivals, countryside to explore and vibrant cities, South Korea is great for cheap family holidays.

Test out the trends set by the Korean trendsetters, but don’t forget to immerse yourself in the fun K-Pop culture. Everyone will love the developed and alive culture of South Korea.


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3. Philippines

The friendly locals of the Philipines will welcome you into a culture full of adventures, excitement, and history. Full of parties and festivals, the Philippines is a destination you do not want to miss.

If partying isn’t your style, allow your breath to be taken away from you by the marvellous caves, islands beaches, and beautiful water. Allow you and your family to be in awe of the sights of the Philipines, which will be an experience never to be forgotten.


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2. Turkey

One of the less talked about holiday destinations, Turkey is described as a hidden gem. Many people visit Turkey to indulge in a magnificent foodie experience full of culture, history, and deliciousness, but you should try out a “Hamam” (Turkish Bath), or explore the beautiful cities Turkey has to offer. Turkey is one of the many great family vacations, as it has something for everybody of every age.


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1. Thailand

Number one on our list of best family holiday destinations in Asia is Thailand. It’s alarmingly cheap, has a friendly atmosphere, and the weather is suitable for travel all year round. With 1500 miles of coastline it is a diver’s dream location, or simply a great spot for the whole family to relax and create everlasting memories. Choose Thailand for a family vacation that you will never forget.

So there we have it, the best family holiday destinations in Asia. Family holidays are crucial for the development of personalities amongst children, as they are great for helping them figure out who they are.

One day you will be able to look back and reflect on the wonderful memories that you and your family have created, and you will be thankful for taking the time to relax and connect with the world around you.

Happy travelling!

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