15 Best solo holiday destinations to visit before you die

Do you ever feel the need to say goodbye to busy western life and find the best solo holiday destinations? These ‘natural’ trips for one person lend themselves perfectly to traveling alone.

Our travel habits seem to have changed considerably over the years. Not only do we travelers trade our continent more and more for a slightly more exotic and cool country to visit, but the reasons why we head out seem to have passed the test of time.

While people used to take the plane – or the car – earlier to see an unknown part of the world, we now also like to discover a part of ourselves. “For many people, traveling is certainly a piece of self-development,” says Annick Holvoet of travel company Joker. No better way to separate yourself from the fixed ideas and patterns than the uncontaminated encounter with an unknown world or foreign culture.

For the same reason, people who also seem to be alone are more likely to take a trip alone. “Not only individual journeys, but also solo travel groups, are remarkably on the rise,” says Holvoet. Asia seems to be the preferred destination par excellence. “The vast nature, the calming philosophy of life, the relative safety of the area and the excellent price-quality ratio are certainly some of the reasons.”

But there are also many exciting destinations outside of Asia that can be your Best solo holiday destinations because it could provide both body and soul with some fresh oxygen. A selection from the range.


BAGAN solo travel


While the rest of Asia modernized at a rapid pace, Myanmar kept the door closed to the outside world. The country also has many hidden treasures, including the ruins of the Burmese kingdom, the pagoda of Shwedagon and the ‘floating orchards’. Viewed from one of the many hot air balloon trips that are organized there, it is all extra impressive it’s one of our recommended Best solo holiday destinations.


solo trip to vancouver


Vancouver in Canada combines modern city life with large and powerful pieces of nature. On Vancouver Island, you will find an untamed coastline and unspoiled forests. Whoever wants to come face to face with a dangerous Grizzly Bear or spot a pair of grey whales or a humpback whale in one of the paradisiacal bays. It’s one of the Best solo holiday destinations!


single travel to iceland


Because of its geographical location, almost everything about the Icelandic natural landscape is unique. In addition to winter glaciers and beautiful waterfalls, you will also find smoking volcanoes and steaming hot springs. The latter in particular can be a particularly relaxing added value.


PATAGONIA solo travel


A trip to Patagonia is pure nature. Moreover, the forms that this entire natural splendor takes are enormously diverse: from the icy glaciers, turquoise-colored lakes and high granite walls of Torres Del Paine, you go through to the whimsical high mountains of the Andes or the desert-like sandplain around the Villarica- volcano.


madagascar travel solo


Also on Madagascar, an island east of the African mainland, you will find a kaleidoscope of natural elements: within a range of 300 km, you can drive from tropical rain forest to a desert-like area. The coral reefs in the ocean around the island are also breathtaking. Moreover, not only the fauna and flora of the island turn out to be unique, but also its cultural composition: thanks to a series of successive migration waves, Madagascar has grown into a unique melting pot of populations.


NEW ZEALAND solo travel


For travelers with an extra sense of adventure, the possibilities in New Zealand are endless: from climbing the magnificent Fox Glacier to a trek in Fiordland, a piece of paragliding and Benjis jumping or a rafting trip in Queenstown. By the way, come face to face with the fairy-tale landscape from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy: stop at the edge of a bubbling sulfur bath or bathe in one of the steaming lakes and geysers.


bali solo travel guide

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia, the ‘Belt of Emerald’, is for many the most beautiful island kingdom in the world. In addition to Java and Sumatra, the culturally laden Bali, in particular, is a welcome location. Visit one of the many temples or let your gaze wander endlessly over one of the breathtaking rice terraces.


cambodia travel solo


In Cambodia, you will find a delightful mix of unspoiled nature and centuries-old world heritage. The showpiece par excellence is the Ankor Wat temple, the largest religious building in the world. The coastline of Cambodia, on the other hand, lends itself to a relaxing beach holiday. The beautiful underwater world is a paradise for divers. Natural regeneration is possible on one of the two deep green islands along the coast.


trolltunga solo travel guide


Norway is in a beautiful ninth place on The Global Peace Index. That alone makes the country the best holiday destinations to go alone. The wild and impressive mountainous landscape also attracts a lot of lonely adventurers. Especially the spectacularly rocky area of Trolltunga can be considered an unmissable mecca for real backpackers.


japan travel solo


Philosophy about Shintoism and Buddhism is done in sophisticated and cultured Japan. In addition to major world cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, the country also has a very lush and vast nature. Historical geishas, luxurious bathhouses and beautiful temples introduce you to the more poetic side of Japan.

mongolia travel solo


You will experience a very different kind of cultural experience in Mongolia. The inhospitable mountainous landscape is accompanied by a somewhat rawer, but undoubtedly real, folk culture: enjoy authentic folk festivals with horse racing, wrestling competitions and a game of archery.


solo travel to AUSTRALIA


Backpack country par excellence is and remains, of course, Australia. In the heart of the oldest rainforest in the world, you will discover a unique ecosystem. From the wild, red outback to deep green rain forests and bright blue oceans. Unbridled athletes, in particular, are particularly happy in the country: sport is an essential part of the Aussie culture. Especially surfing on the sound waves of Bondi Beach is an opportunity not to be missed when considering trips for one person.


jordan solo female travel


The Arab world also has a lot to offer the self-discovering traveler. The desert-like landscape in the Middle East includes many unusual rock formations, cliffs, and narrow gorges. The unexpected color combinations make the whole extra impressive. In addition to natural beauty, the cultural individuality of the area cannot be underestimated. Especially the fairy-tale city of Petra is worth it.

oman travel solo leveling


Whoever thinks about Oman may first think of a lot of sand. The local desert, called Wahabi Sands, is known for its beautiful high dunes in yellow and red color. That in combination with the clear starry night undoubtedly leaves an indelible impression.


scotland travel solo


You may need to be in Scotland for the last piece of unspoiled nature in Western Europe. The region is full of majestic landscapes: from mountain rivers to large lakes, from hills to rugged cliffs and from deep forests to vast meadows and white sandy beaches. In addition to a fantastic sunset, the many stone circles of monoliths are particularly impressive.




Just me, myself and I! The freedom, the luxury to choose where to go and where to stay and to determine when you leave. Or to stay if you like it. You don’t have to take anyone into account, and you meet new people faster. And what could be more beautiful to discover other cultures at your own pace? You also get to know yourself differently or maybe even better.

Get the best out of your trip when planning trips for one person with a regular visit to our blog, as we always share the best tips and ideas for where to travel alone.

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