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6 Best Travel Cards For International Travel

In a previous article, we Discuss together Everything that you have to know about the best travel card for international travel, so if you thinking of taking an overseas trip, then you need to make prior preparations if you want your journey to be successful. This includes knowing how you’ll pack your luggage, plus how much money you’ll use on tickets as well as accommodation.

Another crucial factor is, understanding how to make payments using the currency in that country. Luckily, instead of going through the intense hassle of converting your currency to that of your new destination, you can simply use a ‘Travel Credit Card.’

However, we are aware that you may be asking yourself, “Which is the best credit card to use overseas?” That’s why in this detailed guide;


we’ve found six remarkable ones that will make your trip even more enjoyable. Take a look!


Which Credit Card Is Best For International Travel?


Are you planning to go on vacation in the United States, in the islands of Hawaii or Europe? Whichever the destination, the best travel card for international travel will settle your bills as quickly as possible.  

You won’t get charged on foreign currency transactions, commonly known as FX fees. Also, a good number of these cards come with 24/7 international payment services. Now, with that in mind, if you’re still looking for the best credit card to use overseas, here are our top picks!


1. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card


Although it comes with some of the highest annual fees, it’s arguably the best credit card for international use. Its awesome benefits, despite its high pricing nature, make it quite popular among frequent travelers. Here are just some of the things you need to know about it.

  • Annual fee- around 450 dollars
  • Sign-up bonus- Once you spend 4000 dollars in the first 3 months, you’ll get points worth 50,000


  • Why Do We Love It?

Being the first on our list, their various reasons why we feel that this is the best travel card for international travel. Key among them is its impressive ‘3 points per dollar’ earning a bonus for dining and travel expenses. There’s even a travel credit bonus of around $300 for expenses such as hotels and airfare as well as transportation services. What’s more, all these reward points are compatible with close to 12 hotel and airline partners, for example, British, United, Southwest, Marriot and Hyatt Airways.

Lastly, with this credit card, you’ll also enjoy insurance covers for your rental car. This is quite brilliant because you won’t have to go through the vigorous insurance approval processes with your agency once your car gets into an accident during travel.


  • Essential Things To Note

If you want to make your travel worthwhile using Chase Sapphire Reserve’s hefty yearly fees make full use of its rich benefits. Such means that if you want to use a Taxi or Uber to move from one place to another, let nothing hold you back. After all, you’ll reduce your annual fees to 150 dollars once you earn its 300 dollars traveling credit!


2. Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card


Expect some phenomenal benefits once you choose this as your best card for spending abroad. First, it provides you with an annual fee of $95 which waived on your first year of subscription. Second, you stand a chance to enjoy its amazing sign-up bonus of 50,000 points once you use 3000 dollars within the first 3 months.


  • Why We Love It

This travel money card offers you good value for your money. For instance, it offers a ‘TSA PreCheck’ and ‘Global Entry’ cost reimbursement worth around $100 for every 4 years. It has decent traveling protection packages, which include $3000 if you lose your luggage and $250,000 in case of accidents. However, that’s not all, also, if you buy something which gets damaged or stolen, you’ll get purchase protection worth $500 for every claim.


  • Crucial Things You Need To Note

Sadly, the travel protection benefits on this card are not as detailed as those of other travel money cards. The partner rates of transfer are not also that impressive because depending on your chosen airline, you’ll only get at least one extra point for every two that you transfer.

Such means that if you transferred 1000 miles to Singapore Airlines, you’ll only get 500 miles extra. This is unlike the Chase Ultimate rewards where you would earn the same number of miles that you transferred.


3. Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card


Many feel that this is the best card for traveling abroad mostly because of its incredible sign-up bonus. Here, you’ll get points of 25,000 once you spend $1000 within 90 days after signing up. What’s even more impressive is that there are no annual fees.

  • Why Do We Love It?

Apart from its fantastic sign-up bonuses, the fact that this travel money card comes with no annual or transaction fees is definitely on its largest selling points. Another brilliant feature about it is that you will earn 1.5 worth of points once you spend a dollar on all your purchases.

These are long-term points which do not expire. Lastly, although is sign up bonuses are not as lucrative as those of the Chase credit card, they are still some of the best we’ve come across today!

  • Things That You Need To Note

This credit card is a fantastic option for any enthusiastic traveler. However, we noticed that it works best for those using products from the Bank of America. So, it’s good to have active savings or checking account at the Bank of America because you can get an extra 10% bonus points for each purchase


4. Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card


This is the best travel card for international travel because of its wide array of benefits. For instance, you’ll get a 20,000-mile bonus once you spend 1000 dollars within your first 3 months of subscription. Other amazing perks include:

  1. A 0$ APR intro on all your purchases for 12 months
  2. 25 miles per every dollar you spend on various expenses
  3. There are also no foreign transaction or annual fees


  • Here’s Why We Love It

The card comes with an elegant and sleek bonus model that’s unique from other cards. With it, you don’t have to constantly keep track of your quarterly bonus category. Furthermore, apart from its excellent sign-up bonus, you can also enjoy extra traveling perks, for example, you can earn 10 times more for every dollar you spend via

  • Some Of The Things To Note

Unfortunately, as compared to other cards on this list, Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card has the lowest bonus rates. Even so, it’s still a decent option for those searching for traveling credit rewards with no annual or foreign transaction fees. Therefore, if you are not a heavy spender, this travel money card is the most suitable option.


5. American Express Platinum Card


Launched back in 1984, this is platinum card is also considered the best travel card for international travel. In fact, it was the pioneer luxury money travel card for travelers going in far destinations. Currently, its annual fee stands at $550. Its normal signing up bonus is around 60,000 points but you can at times get 100,000 points once you spend 5,000 dollars or more within the first 3 months.


  • Why Do We Love It?

There are a lot of things that grabbed our attention when it comes to this travel money card. For instance, its five membership bonus points for every dollar on flights bought directly from AmEx airlines. Others include:

  1. Prepaid booking on hotels from
  2. Hotel and resort reservations like those from the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora and Ritz Paris

This membership bonus program contains more than 20 hotels as well as airline partners. Good examples are Delta, JetBlue, Marriot, Hawaiian and Hilton Airlines. Travelers using this card also get amazing discounts once they buy business, premium or first-class tickets in these airlines.

  • Important Things To Note

Now, although it has amazing travel bonuses, this travel card only offers one point for every dollar spent on other expenses. It’s also not widely accepted as compared to MasterCard or Visa Cards. Lastly, it has a high priced annual fee that’s not suitable for average income travelers.


6. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard


Why is this the best card for international use? Well, this is a robust option with a simple formula for redeeming and earning. It has an annual fee of 89 dollars which is waived within the first year of subscription. You can earn sign-up rewards of 70,000 miles once you use $5,000 within the first 3 months (90 days).

  • Why Do We Love It?

Using this credit card, you’re free to redeem bonus miles for non-travel associated expenses such as gift cards, merchandise, and cash backs. However, this is not something which we recommend mainly because eventually, you’ll only get a poor return rate.

This card will also help you settle different travel requirements which you may not get the chance to redeem hotel points or airline miles for. They include taxes, train tickets, and award flight fees as well as charges for room services.

  • Critical Things To Note:

Unfortunately, some may argue that this is not the best card for overseas travel as it does not allow you to transfer your miles to hotels or airlines. Instead, you’re only expected to redeem at least 2,500 miles at a given time!




It’s always good to have the best travel card for international travel before you take your trip overseas. Among other benefits, you’ll notice that using this travel money card is cheaper as compared to making payments via currency changers.

 However, before you travel, notify your credit card company to make sure everything runs smoothly once you’re away. This will also prevent your card from being ‘frozen’ once you purchase something in Taiwan.

Finally, these cards come with customer care numbers which you can use to call your bank from abroad in case something goes wrong. Some even provide improved services like concierges and live operators which will assist you in making dinner reservations and local travels.  

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