Best traveling tips to consider before, during and after your travel

When you are getting ready for a big trip, you run into a lot of work and start looking for some of the Best traveling tips. Whether you are traveling for fun of touring or for business. There is a lot you need to do to ensure everything is right.

You don’t want to forget anything that might be of importance during the trip. You also don’t want to fall ill during the trip due to ignoring some facts about the location you are headed to.

Here are our Best traveling tips to help you to have a smooth journey :


Before travel 


  1. Make an appointment with your doctor.

First on the list in our Best traveling tips, It is advisable to visit your doctor, four or six weeks before you go. You will need to ensure that you are vaccinated against certain diseases prone to the area of your destination like typhoid or Japanese encephalitis. The shots may take time to take effect and therefore the six week wait period before embarking on your journey.

You might need malaria prevention pills for some areas are prone to such. There are various options on which pills to take and you will, therefore, need your doctor to advise you on the best option for you.  

Traveller’s diarrhoea is common to most people when traveling. This is even more so when your destination does not have a supply of clean, freshwater. The illness is not permanent, and you will be just fine in a few days. Just to be safe, you will need to get your doctors’ opinion on whether or not to use antibiotics to prevent the illness before you go on your journey.

Your doctor should explain to you the side effects associated with the use of antibiotics and whether they are safe for you or not.  You also require your doctor to give you a list of your latest medication before making the trip.

If you happen to have chronic medical conditions like emphysema, you will need to confirm if you need supplemental oxygen during the flight. If you do need the oxygen, contact your airline to make necessary arrangements for you as they don’t allow you to bring a personal oxygen tank.

If you have a heart problem, ask your doctor to give you a copy of your electrocardiogram and have it with you during the trip. This is important because when you become ill, local doctors in place you are traveling to can be able to assist you.


  1. Make sure that your credit card works in the country of destination.

You will need to check if your card works in the country where you are headed. If you usually use your credit card to make payments, you might forget that they don’t work in all countries. You might, therefore, make a purchase and fail to pay for it because your card is not recognized in that country.

To avoid this humiliation, it is advisable to check if your card is accepted in that country. If it is not recognized, you should carry cash. You should also carry local cash in case your country’s currency is also not accepted in that region.


  1. Check for travel advisories.

Before traveling, you should get to know the political and health state of the country you are visiting. Some countries are not politically stable and have a lot of violence. You do not want to find yourself in a country with poor security. Some countries’ policies also don’t allow for some religions. So before embarking on your journey make sure to get travel advice.


  1. Check on traveller’s insurance.

If you are worried about the cost of your medical expense, you can check with your insurance company to know if they cover your expenses while you are abroad. It is advisable to buy travel insurance before the trip.

If you have a particular health condition which would require evacuation you will need an insurance cover for that, or if you are planning on participating in dangerous activities which require immediate medical attention. An insurance cover is very important in such situations.


  1. Pack properly.

One of the Best traveling tips to consider, when you are getting ready for a trip ensure that you pack your luggage properly. Ensure you have all the essentials with you, make a Travel Packing Checklist. There are essential things that people forget to pack like a charger adapter and a copy of your passport.

You will find it useful to carry a charger adapter as you will need to charge your phone or computer when they run low on battery. You might find it hard to get a spare in the area your visit.

This especially so when you visit a third world country or a rural area. You will also need to carry a copy of your passport as it might not be safe to always carry with you your original copy. You might need to identify yourself with the locals by showing them your passport, but carrying the original copy holds a risk as it might get lost. Having a copy is therefore useful.


 During travel.


  1. Talk to the locals.

You might find talking to strangers intimidating, especially when you are in a foreign land. Talking to locals is one of the Best traveling tips to discover more unknown places. If you are new in the region, they can be of help to you by giving you directions or recommendations on fun things you can do.

They can also warn you about things to watch out for that might be dangerous for visitors. They can also be a good company to help you not get bored during your trip. If you find it difficult to talk to strangers, you can ask your friends if they know anyone in that region. You might find a relative or an old friend that is a resident in that region.  


  1. Learn the Basics of the Local Language.

It’s not good to be linguistically blind. Learning a new language is fun, and the locals appreciate when you speak in their local tongue. Try learning their national language or phrases they use. This can help you in situations where you need assistance, but the people around you don’t speak English or your tongue. You can download translation apps on your phone to help you learn the language.


  1. Travel by bus.

one of the Best traveling tips to travel for cheap, but it is convenient. When you are new in town, it is hard to know where exactly you are going. Using a bus is therefore recommended as they get you to the location you want to be. They are also cheaper than using taxis. You don’t want to overspend in your trip and come back home broke. 


4. Eat street food.

 When you are on a trip, it is good to enjoy yourself. Try new foods and appreciate the culture. Make yourself feel at home and eat from the local hotels. You will get to discover new types of food and where to get them. This becomes very useful when you come back with friends, and you can show them around. 


  1. Avoid being distracted by your phone

When you are on a trip, it is good to enjoy yourself, and this is limited when you are too distracted by your phone. Some people continue using their phones to chat, use maps and other activities instead of enjoying the view around them. Your eyes should be fixed to your surroundings, take time to enjoy the new environment. You don’t want to go back home having not gained any new experience.


  1. Use your ATM to take out Local cash.

The currency in the area of your destination might be different from your country’s currency. You should, therefore, carry an ATM card to access the local cash. This is because there are instances where you will need money, to buy food or bus fare. Some locals do not accept foreign currency as they do not have the time to convert it.


After travelling.


  1. Check your bank credit statements.

 You should check your bank balances to know what amount of money you have in the bank. This is because of identity theft which is common to a lot of travelers as they share their private documents like credit cards with dealers they don’t know. It is therefore important to check for double charges or missing refunds. 

  1. Deal with your email

If you were ignoring your emails to enjoy your trip, when you get back home, you find them having built up in your inbox. You should go through them because the longer you wait, the more they continue to build up. You should also not forget to turn off the auto-reply messages away on a trip that you had turned on when you were on your trip. 

  1. Take care of your body.

It is not common to get sick after a trip but just to avoid this, it is good to take care of your body when you get back. Hydrate your body by drinking a lot of water after long plane flights and eat fruits and vegetables to supplement the hotel meals you had taken on your trip.

  1. Filter your photos.

While your memories are still fresh, caption and sort your pictures, indicating the event or locations. You can make albums or scrapbooks to hold those wonderful moments.

  1. Make insurance claims.

If there are things that went wrong during your trip, it is important to make insurance claims as the time limit is not long. As soon as you get back, deal with the insurance claim. The deadline for making a claim can expire if you hold it off. 

Final thought 

Traveling involves a lot of work, and if you are not careful, you might find yourself in trouble. The steps listed will help you get ready for a trip and have a wonderful experience without any worries. Know what to do before embarking on your journey and what to do during the journey. Have a good time and avoid any inconveniences associated with traveling.


I Hope our Best traveling tips Could help you to plan your Travel Like a master 


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