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How to Meet New Friends While Traveling

Travelling is a great experience for everyone. Whether you are travelling for a long or short distance, you will always have a chance of enjoying it. Solo travelling is one of the common ways of travelling. It involves travelling alone, and it comes with a variety of benefits especially if you meet friends while traveling.

Solo traveling gives you a lot of freedom to do what you like during the journey, and this can help you to build your confidence in front of other people. It also gives you a chance to have a peaceful journey that is free form unnecessary drama that would bother you while traveling. Besides, you can meet new friends while traveling. It is the best part as you can also enjoy striking a conversation between you and a stranger who later becomes a friend.

It is interesting that you can meet friends while traveling alone. In the real sense, solo travelers and backpackers experience the most enjoyable experience than a tourist. Below are the ways of making friends while traveling;

1. Stay in Hostels

Staying in a hostel is one of the most excellent methods of making friends. While you are traveling and you realize that it is already late to continue with the journey, you can opt to spend a night in a hostel. Here, you can have a chance of sitting on a table with a variety6 of people and strike conversations that establish your friendship.

During the friendly conversations, you can find people to travel with. These usually are people who either are going to the same place as you or you could be sharing a route. 

2. Use Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing refers to a social network service that is available on a website or a mobile application. The service enables you to surf through the website and find friends. A solo traveler or a backpacker can use Couchsurfing to arrange for a homestay.

Couchsurfing is beneficial as it offers free accommodation and enables you to meet locals. It also gives you a great chance to make new friends as you meet them in Couchsurfing.

However, be cautious to avoid meeting people with bad intentions on Couchsurfing sites.

3. Join Dancing Events

Joining a dancing event on one or two destinations during your journey is a great idea to make some new friends. It is possible since you can meet people who you do not know and develop an interest in their dance moves. In this case, you will have to approach them and request them to teach you the steps. The conversation builds a friendship.

During the dance, people usually are very excited and making friends becomes easy. People are also in a high spirit, and striking friendship becomes simple.

4. Learning Words and Songs

If you try learning some aspects of the foreign country you are traveling to, you stand a high chance of making new friends in that place by meeting the locals. You can learn their songs and sing them along with the locals. It does not only allow you to make new friends but also a chance to enjoy the music of that place.

You can also try to learn some few words that will make you feel part of them.

5. Talk To Locals about Food

Meet the locals and talk to them about their food while you are traveling gives you a chance to make new friends.

When you stop at a destination during a solo traveling, you can engage the local people about the food they eat.

The talk about local food makes the local people develop an interest in you and invite you to try their food. You end up making friends as you continue with your backpacking.

6. Live Like a Local

Living like a local gives you a high chance of making new friends. You can wear the attire of your destination country, take a bus or goats with locals and make new friends.
Cladding the destination country attire makes you look warm, friendly and exciting. Therefore, when you approach locals in such, you make new friends.

Be sure to inquire the best outfit for the time you are solo traveling to the new place.

7. Avoid being Friends with Every Person

During the traveling, you should, however, be cautious about making good friends. Avoid scammers as they may have bad intentions. A friend who asks for a lot of details from you may not be a genuine friend but a scammer who is after something else from you.

Try as much as possible to strike friendships with people who are friendly, straightforward and without any hidden motive behind your new friendship.

8. Meet Friends of Friends 

When you meet your friends, there is a high chance that you will meet friends to them. It is effortless for these friends of friends to become your friends.

When you travel to the new country, the friends that you already know are likely to meet you at a terminus and their friends could accompany them.

It makes it easy to strike a conversation and a long-lasting friendship immediately after the introduction. Wait for the introduction to be done by the familiar friend between you and the new person you meet through a friend.

9. Take a Class 

Sometimes you stand a chance to make new friends when you are traveling to school to attend a class. It could be a cooking class or a master’s degree in a new environment. You have a good chance of making new friends.

Well, this is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and make friends in the new country. It is a great moment to meet new people when traveling for all school-related matters.

10. Use Facebook To Look for Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups for backpackers and solo travelers. You can spend some time in those groups to look for some people who can finally become your new friends. 

It is of great benefit as you can make inquiries apart from getting new friends. Interestingly, you can meet the people on the travelers’ facebook groups and meet them live when doing the actual traveling.

You should, however, be careful to avoid spending all your time on Facebook searching for backpackers.

11. Be Open Minded

Being open minded is a great thing to enable you to look for and meet new friends. An open-minded person is mostly outgoing, social and exciting.

To become friends with such a person is simple. The reason is that he/she will want to know a lot about the place you are traveling to. It could be about the weather, the towns and any other aspect of the new location.

It is essential to meet friends while traveling and especially locals because they will give you places to visit. They will also assist you to detect scammers. Generally, they help you to get the best experiences in backpacking and solo traveling. It is effortless to find people to travel with every time.

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