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The essential guide to travel vaccinations and travel injections.

Long-distance travels will always put your health at risk. This is because you will be visiting a new place with a completely different environment harbouring diseases ready to jeopardize your health. This is why you are always advised to get travel vaccinations against numerous diseases depending on your destination.

This step will equip your immune system with all the antibodies required to fight the common diseases likely to attack you wherever you will be going. With a fortified immune system, you will be able to enjoy every bit of your journey enjoying the beauty nature has to offer.

By the end of this guide, you will know the types of travel vaccinations you need, their costs and other relevant information that will help you remain ahead health-wise.


Vaccinations that travelers need to stay healthy:

There are quite a number of vaccinations that you will require to stay healthy throughout your travels. Sometimes your travel immunization depends on your destination while at times you are given a number of vaccines to protect you from a number of variable diseases. Below is a list of vaccinations that travelers need to be safe.

1. Hepatitis A Vaccines.

This is a highly recommended vaccine that is meant to protect you from getting Hepatitis A which is a liver infection. The disease results from consuming contaminated food, water or when you come in contact with a person who has the disease.

It is mandatory to have this vaccine before you travel since there is no way of telling whether the food you are eating is contaminated or not. If you are traveling from a country with high levels of hygiene, then you have to get this vaccine.

2. Yellow fever vaccine.

Unlike many other travel immunizations, yellow fever is the only mandatory vaccine. After being vaccinated, you will have to carry a document indicating that you have received the yellow fever vaccine.

This is because when you reach your destination, they will need proof before you are cleared. Yellow fever is a perilous health disease spread by mosquitos. Make sure that it is your number one in this list of travel vaccinations.

3. Typhoid vaccine.

This is yet another vaccine that you will need if at all you are headed to a region that has low hygiene. The disease is transmitted through food and water that has come in contact with sewage. It is prevalent in African countries as well as in Asia and South America. This is a vaccine that you wouldn’t want to miss it at all you love trying local delicacies.

4. Malaria Vaccine.

This is a prevalent and fatal disease. It is usually found in African in areas like Kenya and Uganda among many others. The disease is transmitted via a female Anopheles mosquito. You should ensure that you get vaccinated against Malaria before you travel to regions where it is prevalent. This is because once you get infected by Malaria, you will not even have the strength to enjoy your stay.

5. Tetanus.

If you know you will get involved in several outdoor activities, then you will be better off getting a tetanus vaccine. It is usually transmitted via spores. The spores tend to infect an open wound, and that is why the vaccine is more important if you are an outdoor kind of person. The disease can cause paralysis and so to avoid such a problem. You will need to get vaccinated.


Travel vaccination costs:


Travel vaccination costs differ from one country to another. There are those countries that charge cheaply while there are those that charge expensively depending on the economy. For travelers who are thinking of getting vaccinated at their destination due to cost, you should know that it is not permitted in most countries. This is because your immune system requires enough time to respond to the vaccine and so you should get vaccinated in your country of origin for the sake of your health.

Travel Injections


When traveling, you will probably require some injections to keep you safe. There are those injections like that of rabies. This is usually known as a pre-exposure injection. It is not meant to vaccinate you against the disease but minimize the number of injections you will get after the exposure. Nearly all vaccines require injection, and this should be done sometime before you travel to make your immunity strong and ready to fight the disease.


Health Tips when traveling.


There are certain health tips that as a traveler you should keep in mind to have an easy time during your journey. Some of the most important health tips to consider include.

1. Water safety.

Ensure that you drink only purified and treated water during your travels. This is because tap water in some countries is not safe for drinking. The same should be extended when brushing your teeth. Make sure that you don’t swallow water while taking a shower and avoid putting ice in your drinks.

2. Be a compulsive hand washer.

Make sure that you wash your hands after visiting the toilet, before eating or after handling dirty tools or equipment. The best way to do this is by carrying a hand sanitizer wherever you go.

3. Avoid Mozzie bites.

Insects like mosquitos are known to transmit several diseases. You should thus ensure that you put on clothes that cover most of your body and always sleep under a net. This will keep insects away.

4. Watch what you eat.

Ensure that you are aware of whatever you put in your mouth. Diseases like typhoid are transmitted by contaminated food. This means that if you don’t watch what you eat, you might end up a victim.

Final thought


Keeping your health safe should be your number one priority whenever you want to travel. This means that you should have all the necessary travel vaccinations to protect yourself from the numerous diseases you are bound to find wherever you are going. Make sure that you keep the above tips in mind to enjoy every minute of your journey without any health complications.

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