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The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist for your Journey

Picking the right stuff for your travels can be quite a hard task. This is because most people tend to think that they should carry everything for their journey. This is why having a Travel Packing Checklist is just the right move if at all you want to end up with the right luggage that is only filled with essentials but also one that is manageable.
Any traveler will tell you that the last thing you want for your travels is huge luggage. This will end up being very hectic and tiresome in the long run. You need to pack in such a way that you can freely move around without any limitations.


Importance of a Travel Packing Checklist :


Most people who use a Travel Packing Checklist will agree that they are always a lifesaver. A well-prepared packing list should have all the essential things to pack for traveling without even a single thing missing. They are usually very important in such a way that.
  • They reduce the stress that is always involved when packing. This usually occurs when you don’t know how to differentiate between travel essentials and other things that are dispensable. To you, everything is important for the journey, and this can be hectic without a Travel Packing Checklist
  • Travel packing list always ensures that you don’t forget anything from simple toiletry to clothing. These lists are designed to ascertain that everything you carry is essential. This is why you are required to tick next to the stuff once you pack it.
  • They tend to keep you calm and organized. This is because your work is to go through the list. This makes the process simple and fun.
  • They always save packing time. With Travel Packing Checklist , everything you need to pack is nicely written on it. Your work is to pick up whatever you want, put it in your bag and tick against it indicating that it is already packed.


Steps involved when packing :


Step 1: Get the right packing bag:

Picking the right bag to travel with is not as easy as it seems, you need to know its capacity, durability, and ease of carrying. The main travelling bags that most people tend to go for include.
  • Duffle bags.

These are known to be the best choice if at all you are planning to travel light. They can only fit a few toiletries, clothes and jackets. Otherwise, they are only good as side bags to carry the extra things you will need for your journey.
  • Rolling bags.

These are usually the best bags whenever you are traveling heavy. They come with huge capacity and can carry more stuff than duffle bags. With this, you will fit most of the things if not everything on your packing list. They also have wheels so that you don’t have to carry them around but simply drag them.
  • Carry-ons.

These are usually light luggage with great capacity. You should, however, be seen when using them since they can only carry light stuff. They cannot withstand heavy things like rolling bags. The main advantage of carry-ons is that they are easy to handle and are less stressful.
  • 4 wheel bags.

These are designed to give you the luxury of carrying heavy things without literally feeling the weight. This is because they come with 4 wheels attached at the bottom. All you have to do is either push or pull them around. Their capacity is incredible, and their material can withstand the weight.


Step 2: Pack any gadget you will need in your carry-on bag.

Technology advancement over the years has brought with it a number of gadgets that are very important whenever you are visiting places. Some of these incredible gadgets that you might need include.
  • Smartphone’s

These are the most important gadget in your Travel Packing Checklist , This is because you will need for your journey. Your smartphone will enable you to communicate with people back home and wherever you are headed. They will also give you a hint of what to expect in case it is a new place thanks to their internet capabilities.
  • Cameras

There is no better place to relive the numerous destinations that you will visit than with incredible pictures taken using your camera. This is why you need to have this device. It will create great memories that you will be glad to have one day.
  • Power bank

This is the only relieving way to keep your phone battery fully charged throughout your journey. The power bank will enable you to carry a surplus charge that you will use later to keep your phone powered up.


Step 3: Keep your entire toiletry in one bag.

Whatever you pack in this category will depend on whether you are a man or a woman. Some of the essential things you will need to have it in your Travel Packing Checklist  include :
• Toothbrush and toothpaste.
• Body lotion.
• Deodorant, body spray or body splash.
• Sunscreen.
• After sun.
• Tweezers.
• Face and body towel.
You can always add other essentials that are missing. Just make sure they are things you need and not those that you want. 

Step 4: Carry some medical supplies

It is vital that you carry some medical supplies that you will need in case of any health-related problem. These include:
• First aid kits.
• Pain reliever.
• Bug spray.
• Any medicine you are taking.
In case you are going to areas where malaria is prevalent, ensure that you carry anti-malaria drugs to keep you safe from malaria.


Step 5: Ensure that everything is organized.

This is where time and again most people tend to lose their minds especially those who don’t have a travel packing list. Organizing your staff will require you to have packing cubes. Ensure that your clothes are separated into:
• Sweaters
• T-shirts
• Shirts
• Tops
• Trousers
• Underwear
• Pyjamas
• Swimsuits
• Dresses
• Skirts
Each of the above clothing categories should be kept in separate packing cubes for easy accessibility. You should also include anything that you will need for comfort such as:
• Sunglasses.
• Pillows.
• Earplugs.
• Blankets.
This will ensure that your comfortability is well taken care of. With these, you will be ready to tackle anything that will make you feel uncomfortable :


Step 6: Ensure you have every document you want for your travels.

You should make sure that you have every traveling document. These are items that should be kept completely safe. You are the only person who should be able to access them. Some of the most important documents include:

• Passports.
• Visas.
• Travel insurance.
• Transport tickets are it for airplanes, bus, car or train.
• Cash.
• Credit cards.
• Hotel confirmation receipts or messages.
• Emergency contacts.
• Maps.
• Guide books.
These will ensure that you have every single thing that you will need to board a vehicle, train and an aeroplane that will take you to your destination. You will also have a passport that will act as your identification card wherever you are going.
Credit cards and cash is the only way you be able to eat drink and move from one place to another and hotel confirmation receipts or messages will prove that you had made reservations with that hotel.


Step 7: Keep everything secure.

The security of everything you are traveling with is very important especially the documents you have carried. Your bag should be well secured, your passport and visa well placed and your cash are hidden. Some of the things that you will need to make sure that everything you are traveling with is safe are.

• Flashlight.
• Money belt.
• Undercover bra.
• Cable travel lock.
• Neck wallet.
• Reflective clothing.


Step 8: Leave your home safe.

Once you have everything, you require for your journey. It is time to leave your home safe until when you return. Some of the most important things that should consider doing include.
• Ensure that every electrical appliance is unplugged.
• Makes sure you stop your emails.
• Find someone to take care of your lawns.
• Clear your bills in advance.
• Empty your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine.
• Put a halt to newspaper delivery.
• Ensure that all doors are locked.
• Leave your pets with someone until you return.
• Notify your friends that you are traveling.
• If you have kids ensure you notify the school.
All these arrangements are so that you may not come back to chaos after a nice trip that is full of relaxing.
The above packing list will ensure that you have everything ready for your most awaited trip. Some additional essential packing tips that should use to help you avoid any problems include :
  • Ensure the luggage you pick is right for your journey.
  • If you are traveling by air, make sure you know the baggage fee policies in place.
  • Use luggage with packing cubes so that you don’t waste time looking for things later
  • Separate anything that is in liquid form from other items especially electronics in case of spillage.
  • Whatever you pick out from your luggage packing list, split it in half for convenience.
  • Don’t use the ‘just in case’ mentality when packing.


Final thought

As highlighted in depth throughout the article, this packing list is designed to ensure that you eradicate stressful packing sessions. This will make your journey fan, and you will also be able to leave just enough room for all the new things that you will buy wherever you are going. Ensure that you follow your packing list without compromise.
Do away with the attitude of carrying something ‘just in case,’ and you will end up with luggage that you can manage. Buy strictly following the packing list above. You will have fun where you are headed, and you will come back to a peaceful home with everything intact.


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