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Travel and Vacation: Is There a Difference?

We all love traveling around the world. Escaping our daily routines we have been drowning in for so long is beyond satisfying. traveling around the world comes in all shapes and sizes, from travels around the world to comfortable two weeks on the picturesque beach. Where you stay, makes all the difference too, whether its cheap vacation spots, mountain lodges or affordable backpacker hostels.

Yet surprisingly enough, things like vacation and travel are still something that can be seen as the same thing by many people. It seems that generally, they are considered to be without much of a difference and sometimes the good old question arises, are they the same or not?

Let’s discover together what separates travel and vacation, and why traveling can work magic for you!


So What Are Travel and Vacation Exactly?


  • Vacation : is a fixed holiday period or the absence from a regular occupation or routine. This is how it could be defined in a more formal way. Breaking the monotony, changing your surroundings and resting are the main focal points of a vacation. Not much traveling and exploring are involved besides sightseeing popular and easy to access touristic places.
  • Travel : is a constant movement between locations, sometimes very distant ones. Usually with an intention to explore and discover new places and cultures while not staying in one place for long periods of time. While vacation is more of a rest period, travel, on the other hand, can be exhausting and burn you out.


Travel vs Vacation


An endless discussion with no finish line in sight, while opinions of all sorts are firing like canons on a foggy battlefield. Travel and vacation are related and even depending on each other in some way, but there is clearly a difference. And you don’t need a magnifying glass to see it.

So why talk about it? Why there is a need to separate these two affairs? As mentioned in the beginning, some people still wonder what is the difference between the two. But the formal expression is not going to cut it, let’s face it.

No matter what, vacation is always going to be a vacation. Staying in resorts, eating out in expensive restaurants and shopping the mass production souvenirs will never bring a real and authentic experience.

But there should be no surprise when you don’t really have anything interesting to tell returning from your holiday trip or even at later stages of your life. There is no story, no experience, no learning, and no real value.

The environment around you is plastic and blank with no feel to it. Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily, but that’s all you are going to bring back from a vacation. Just blank memories and a temporary benefit of rest.

This is where traveling comes in Adrenaline rush, crazy memories, and wild adventures sound just about right. We are born to live and traveling around the world can be living to its fullest!

The Magic of Travel and Its Benefits


Yes, vacations and easy-going all-inclusive holidays have their own perks, but the benefits and magical things that come along the way while traveling are some of the most invaluable.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of travel:

  • Local Experience – When traveling around the world, you are bound to end up in situations where you will meet and speak with local people, try their traditional food and learn more about their culture.
  • Travel Around The World – You might think it’s impossible and it’s only for the rich. But that changes quickly after your first trip. You will quickly realize that you are able to travel around the world just as anyone else. With a little bit of effort, of course!
  • Improve Social & Communication Skills – Cars and people buzzing around, unknown streets everywhere you look and unfamiliar language echoes through the air. This is where you step up your game and learn how to connect with people in all kinds of situations.
  • Real-Life Education – Meeting people from various cultures, getting to know how they really live first hand and discovering distant places and their history are lessons which only travel can bring.
  • Lifetime Memories–There is no secret that travels will turn you into a story-teller. Traveling and being active creates unforgettable moments, that in the end, will be the ones you will remember and cherish the most.
  • Sharpen Your Mind – No undoubtedly you could run your daily routine on autopilot and eyes closed. When you step out of the comfort zone and expose yourself to the unfamiliar sounds, smells, tastes and views all your senses wake up. Your mind sharpens and you feel truly alive! 
  • Make New Friends Easily – There is something about traveling and people. Everyone feels connected, relaxed and a part of the global community and it works magic. Some of the best friends on the road can be made in a matter of hours!
  • Come Back A New Person – From a vacation, you will come back the same. Well, maybe a little bit more rested, but that’s about it. You automatically come back to the same routine with no new ideas. Meanwhile, coming back from a long trip or travels around the world is a different story. You will notice how much you changed, your perspectives shifted and new ideas are flowing like never before.

And that is just a glimpse of what travels can offer. The feeling of wandering around sets you free like nothing else. All those crazy situations, loud buses filled with local kids smiling at you and getting lost in unfamiliar cities might seem like a tiring thing, and it is but in a wonderful way.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, the difference is undeniable and big! Even though this article was pointed towards embracing the travels more, that doesn’t mean these two are the enemies. Or that a young backpacker who is traveling around the world should degrade anyone that prefers to sleep in the Radisson hotel and spend his time on a comfortable beach chair. For others, a vacation might mean an active few weeks in the Himalayas as well. After all, travel is a beautiful thing, and everyone chooses how to experience it.

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