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What are the best travel planning apps to plan your own holiday?

Hey! Are you about to take a trip and you are wondering “what are the best travel planning apps to plan your own holiday” and make it a worthwhile experience? And yes, there are apps like that, designed to make the exploration of your desired destination an unforgettable one.

In this article, we made a list of the free best international trip planner, driving directions route planner, travel planning apps, and to assist you on the trip or vacation you’re planning.


Best travel planning apps for Itinerary Trip Planning


  1. The Weather Channel: When planning a trip, this app should be the first to go with; it provides you with real-time rain alerts, interactive radar, and reliable forecast from a trusted name in weather. You’ll never get caught up in the rain!
  2. Trover: Just like social media apps for sharing photos, Trover is purely about travel and a community of local and international trip planners sharing pictures and tips dedicated to helping with both the discovery and planning.
  3. TripAdvisor: Use TripAdvisor to compare prices on flights, hotels, restaurants, cruises, and resorts to plan your own holiday. With millions of mapped out ideas, photos, articles, videos, and reviews, from travellers and local experts at your fingertips, you can’t be surer you’re making the right choice.
  4. Google Maps: Find a location on this map to get directions, get info like business hours, menus, and see Street View image. You can also listen to voice-guided navigation by tapping on the sound icon on the app.


Best travel planning apps for Flights Booking & Planning


  1. SeatGuru: Do you want the best seat on the plane? This app is for you, get real-time flight status alerts, and find low airfares. With more than 1,100 seat map access and from over 140 airlines, it also features insights and advice from passengers reviews.
  2. Skyscanner: Compare hotels, flights, and car rental, making sure that you’re getting the best deals when planning your own holiday with no booking fee. You can also get destination ideas by tapping “Explore” from the app.
  3. Kiwi.com – Book Cheap Flights: Search for the lowest rates for flights, trains, buses, car rentals, and hotels locally and internationally.


Best travel planning apps for Accommodation Booking & Planning


  1. Couchsurfing: Easy to find a host for your next trip destination, and you can make new friends by seeing who is nearby and who will like to meet up. Also, find events planned by couch surfers and make your trip a memorable one.
  2. WikiCamps: WikiCamps is a crowd-sourced database of day stops, caravan parks, information centres, backpacker hostels, campgrounds, POI’s, and dump points. Easy to use and it works entirely OFFLINE, no worries about Wi-Fi connection or a phone signal.
  3. Airbnb: Whether your next travel is a solo journey, family vacation, or business trip, Airbnb offers you a wide range of home rentals to choose from, giving your trip a pleasurable experience. More than 4 million home rentals available across 190+ countries, you can search by price, amenities, neighbourhood, and others.
  4. HomeAway: Find the ideal vacation home for you and the people who matter most, whether apartments or beach houses or condos or cabins. Property pictures and reviews at your fingertips, and you can also search by price, amenities, location, and more.
  5. HomeStay: Hosts share homes with their guests, browse over 50,000 homestay homes across the world to find an ideal host for your travelling experience.


Best travel planning apps for Organizing Travel Plans


13. TripIt: Tripit instantly adds your plans to your master itinerary, as soon as you book for flight, hotel, car or other reservation, just by forwarding your bookings.

14. Google Trips: Explore the world more comfortable with Google Trips, it organizes your primary info in one place and making it assessable even offline, having food and drink suggestions, day plans, things to do and more for each trip.

15. Skiplagged: helps you find excellent travel deals, set fare alerts, and discover fair hotel rates. You can filter flights by takeoff/landing time, duration, number of layovers, and more. You’ll receive alerts when airfares drop. Also, book hotels as well, including last-minute booking and exclusive deals


Best travel planning apps for Road Trip Planning


16. Roadtrippers: A road map app built for travellers. Discover millions of places, such as quirky roadside attractions and local diners, or national parks, scenic points, and resorts. Get ideas from the pre-made trip guides of various exciting and once-in-a-lifetime routes.

17. Rome2rio: With more than 186,000 app users already on board globally, you’re sure you’re in good company! For the flight, train, rideshare, bus, rental car info, or ferry, booking details, get journey durations and estimated prices, from more than 5000 companies in over 160 countries. Navigation like a pro is sure as it shows you exactly how to get from one point to another as quickly and economically as possible, whether on train, car, plane, bus, or bike.

18.HERE WeGo: One of the best driving directions route planner, get the reliable GPS navigation with voice guidance for a more comfortable drive. Walk directions takes you every step of the way, and you’ll never miss a stop when you take public transit. Get the guide that takes you all the way, Free Navigation! Offline Map!


Best travel planning apps for Learning Languages


19. Duolingo: Considering travelling to a destination where you don’t understand the common tongue? Duolingo is here to help you out, learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, and more on the go.

20. Google Translate: The most popular translation app with over 103 languages. Copy text in any app and your translation pops up, with many great features like instant camera translation, offline translate, and more.

21. Memrise: Much more like the Duolingo app, for learning languages. So, make your next trip or vacation abroad a memorable one.

22. LinguaLift: With this app, you can learn Russian, Hebrew, and Japanese, with courses by the University of Oxford experts.


Best travel planning apps for Planning Travel Money


23. XE Currency App: When travelling, calculating your budget and expenses is a crucial aspect to consider, you might need to convert your currency to make a purchase of goods and services in your destination. With XE Currency, you have all the world currencies at your fingertips with real-time rates.

24. Travel Money: Travel Money helps tracks your expenses and manages your spendings. It is particularly helpful while travelling and using different currencies.

25. Money Manager: A great money management app with features like PC manager, double-entry bookkeeping, budget management, card management, and more.


Best travel planning apps for Food & Restaurant Planning


  1. Foody: An application for searching and reviewing food in several locations across the world. With the classification in Cafe/Ice cream, Restaurant, Bar/Pub, Bakery, & Karaoke. Foody has thousands of sites, Photos, and Reviews to help you quickly locate where to enjoy.
  2. Foursquare: An app for a community of people who love to explore. It will guide you to the perfect spot, anywhere in the world where you’ll find your desired delicacies.


Best travel planning apps to help you pack your bags


  1. Packing Pro: An app for organizing what you need for a trip. You can use the included sample lists, or use the Expert list-making tool to automatically customize your own based on the number of adults (males & females), children & days, as well as the weather, food prep and destination.
  2. PackPoint: The app helps you organize what is needed to be packed in your luggage and suitcase considering the length of travel, weather at your destination, and the activities planned during the trip.
  3. The Vane: It is said that this app tells you precisely what to pack, The Vane takes into account the specifics of your itineraries like your travel dates, plans to hang out at the beach and to hike — as well as your style preferences to create a complete packing list.


When travelling, keep in my mind that your trip must be well planned before your departure to have a pleasurable and memorable experience while you explore.

All apps mentioned above are free and designed to comfort your travels. However, there are many other paid apps not mentioned in this blog post, as they are not free. Visit our blog whenever you plan your own holiday. We always share free tools to help everyone travelling to save time and money, make your trip enjoyable and an unforgettable one.

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