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Essential Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Africa

Are you thinking of traveling to Africa? Many things to understand and keep in mind when planning a trip to Africa, budget, time to visit, countries to visit, and so on, that could be endless. Planning a Trip to Africa is different is from planning travel to Europe or Asia, so all taking important tips is essential.

However, all this preparation is worth it: once you arrive at the destination, you will see how each of the minutes invested has been worth it. Africa is blessed with wildlife, and the relaxation in the countries is second to none.

To make planning a trip to the black continent easier – we know that, at first, it can be scary. Here, we compiled the essential things to consider after many years touring the continent and advising travelers like you.


Prepare your trip well in advance.


When you are Planning a Trip to Africa, it is not worth leaving things at the last minute. It is an extraordinary destination and must be treated as such when booking flights and hotels in advance, getting vaccinated, or getting a visa.

We recommend you do it without a hurry and looking for inspiration both on our website and in other blogs, documentaries, and travel guides.


Decide the nations you wish to visit.


Africa is a vast continent, and each of its lands is unique. Countries like Morocco or Egypt offer broader European influences; in Namibia, you will find the purest desert, and in places like South Africa. And Botswana or Zimbabwe, you will enjoy safaris and magnificent wildlife; while in Mozambique or the Indian islands, you can live authentic beach and sea paradises.

The decision is yours, do not worry: Africa engages and sure that, before returning to your home country, you are already planning a trip to the black continent.


Best time to travel to Africa


There exist no “best time” to visit Africa: it will depend on the destination you choose and the activities you are going to do. For example, in the Kruger National Park, the vegetation and the possibilities of sighting animals vary from one month to another while in the Serengeti, the Great Migration occurs at specific times of the year.

On the other hand, there are destinations such as Mauritius or Madagascar, where temperatures are pleasant throughout the year.

Also, you need to consider that during the high season – which varies depending on the countries you visit – the prices are higher and there are likely to be more tourists.


Think about what activities you want to do


Are you looking to travel thousands of kilometers driving a 4 × 4? Know firsthand a traditional African tribe? Sail the ocean Atlantic in search of the perfect wave? Spot the “Big Five” on a safari? Relax in front of a beach with a glass of wine in your hand?

Africa offers a wide range of activities, and it is impossible to do them all in one trip. Therefore, it is advisable to have an idea, where you want to visit and the experiences that you’d like to have while on your tour.


Consider medical recommendations.


Depending on the factors we have already mentioned – like Africa vacation spots or the time of the year. In which you travel – you may need a previous vaccine or medication to deal with your safaris. In most safaris, it is advisable to take precautions against malaria, while in other destinations, it is mandatory to have yellow fever or rabies vaccine.

We advise you to visit your doctor once you decide to travel to Africa and follow all his warnings. Many tourists visit the African continent every year, so you will have no problem finding medical answers to any of the questions that arise.


Most common vaccines to travel to Africa

  • Yellow fever
  • Hepatitis A
  • Viral triple: Measles, rubella, mumps
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis B
  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Diphtheria


Check your visa


While in most cases, a special permit is not necessary for less than 90 days, some countries have stricter regulations. You can research on the situation of each destination and indicate the best way to get the travel permit.


Do not stay incommunicado.


In many of the hotels, lodges, and large cities, you will find Wi-Fi. If you think you will need mobile data, you can check with your telephone company or buy a local card in the country of destination.

Also, several mobile applications will go well in your adventure: Google Maps to guide you. Splitwise to divide expenses among travelers, or Uber to move in most African cities.

Hire the right Africa travel agency


This is a bit of advice from experience: Africa travel specialist can change your vision of a trip. Best Safari in Africa, for example, are trained with years of experience and know everything about the terrain and its wildlife. In other places, they will help you get a closer idea of the local culture.


Try to have an approximate budget in mind.


Flights, accommodation, food, trips, activities. When traveling to Africa, it is crucial to consider what your expenses will be and how much money you are willing to invest in.


Travel light, but don’t forget anything.


It is not essential to go crazy with Packing. Put in the suitcase what is necessary for your trip, making use of lightweight travel luggage, and keep in mind that in most accommodation you can wash your clothes. Do not forget your camera, a complete kit, packing a backpack for travel to move in the destination, and comfortable clothes to enjoy every moment. And this is one of the best packing tips for international travel.


Enjoy your time


Sometimes it can overwhelm the idea of going to Africa: it is a distant destination. It is not the cheapest one, and many times the information you have about it is confusing. But we encourage you to leave these fears aside and visit a continent that will not leave you indifferent.




All the aforementioned essential things to consider when planning a trip to the black continent depend on your destination. For example, travel to North African countries like Morocco or Tunisia is different from Kenya or Tanzania.

In the northern part of the continent is where you experience the desert trips and visit ancient cities and places. And the eastern, central, western, and southern part is where you experience the wildlife, traditional African tribes, and the high mountains.

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